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A company that creates solutions

We bring your events to life

We provide comprehensive solutions for all sorts of events.

We provide sound, lighting and audio-visual equipment for your productions, along with a simultaneous interpreting service.

La Caraba has been meeting its customers’ project needs with bespoke solutions for over 15 years.

Equipo La Caraba
Carles Cabanyes - Cofundador i cap de projectes
Carles Cabanyes
Co-founder and project manager
Jordi Fosas - Cofundador
Jordi Fosas
Núria Feixas - Productora
Núria Feixas
Cati Badosa - Productora
Cati Badosa
Roger Casalprim - Tècnic audiovisual
Roger Casalprim
Audiovisual technician
Marcel Ereñas - Tècnic de llum
Marcel Ereñas
Light technician
Marc Badosa - Tècnic de so
Marc Badosa
Sound technician